Internship Lookbook

I recently finished all the coursework for my Bachelor’s Degree. SO HAPPY. SO EXCITING.

Also, SO SCARY! Why? Because this means that I had to start my work experience. Basically, for my degree, we get to choose whether to do a thesis or work experience as our final graduation project. Work experience is basically an internship on steroids. I chose this instead of a thesis because I have almost no experience in my field of study and that simply won’t do in the real world.

So, a month ago, I started working full time and will continue to do so for the next two months. I was so terrified. Excited, but terrified. We don’t need to get into my extensive list of insecurities at this point but rest assured that it exists and is presently on loop in my brain. However, it turned out to be perfectly fine and I am actually really enjoying my time at the organisation I’m interning at. It has truly been a great experience.

However, one of the things that is definitely a plus in this situation is knowing that I get to dress nicely everyday. (Is that a bit sad? Maybe. We can all laugh together). Hear me out, though. I am all for t-shirts and converse on a day to day basis, trust me. But I also really love getting ready, dressing up “nicely”, doing my hair, putting my makeup on, etc. I find the whole process really relaxing, if I’m being honest. So, in lieu of this, I went shopping before starting to get a few new pieces and I also reorganised my entire closet so that I would know exactly what options I have to wear during this time. Since I already know, more or less, what is acceptable in these circles, I decided to model some for you all.

Look at me trying to be all broody and not awkward while posing.



For this first look, neutral tones took centre stage. I combined a pair of straight cut, khaki trousers from Mango with a white dress shirt from Zara. I found the Peter Pan collar particularly flattering.

Being an intern means that you don’t need to go super formal every single day. By combining your personal style with a tad of formality, you can look stylish but not stuffy. Keeping this in mind, I went with classic, pointed toe, black pumps from Mary Paz and a black crossbody bag from Forever 21.



When it came to the second outfit, I wanted to go for the “scholarly” look. I was really tempted to wear my fake glasses but ultimately decided against it hahaha!

The final result was a black blazer- trouser combo. The pants came from Mango as well and I really don’t remember where the blazer came from because it’s years old. The key to this look, however, is that it’s a rather thin and not overly structured blazer. I tried this look with a black square cut blazer and it didn’t work all that well; not for the look I was aiming for, at least.

When it came to the blouse, I knew I wanted it to be a blue, button up, dress shirt. I love, love, love blue shirts like these. It had to make an appearance in this lookbook. Finally, to top off this outfit, I went with black oxfords from Mary Paz.

Perfectly put together but not corporate.



This outfit makes me feel happy. To be honest, it’s mainly the blouse. I FREAKING love this blouse. It’s one of my new purchases and is easily my favourite. I think it’s because it’s such a flattering fit. It’s loose around the mid area (a blessing) but it also feels very structured and fun, and the checkered pattern is also right up my alley.

Since it is flared outward, I paired it with the same straight cut black trousers as before, as well as the same black blazer. Along with the black Mary Paz pumps, this look immediately separates itself from the last two, while combining some of the same elements.



This outfit is different from the others. Can you spot the differences?

I swear, I actually do love wearing dresses and skirts but, when it comes to work, I tend to prefer pants because otherwise I get cold (¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Anyway, want a little fun fact? This skirt was actually the first item of clothing I bought for my internship. I got it at Pull and Bear a couple of months ago. I decided to use a crisp white dress shirt to accompany it, rolling up the sleeves to just under the elbow. For shoes, it had to be an ankle strap, open toe stiletto heel, also from Mary Paz. Or maybe it didn’t HAVE to, but it was the pair of shoes that I own that complemented the outfit best.

A very well organized outfit that doesn’t compromise on the fun.



Of all the outfits, I feel like this is the most typically conservative librarian look, but it’s very comfortable and practical.

It consists of navy blue straight cut trousers by Zara, a standard white dress shirt and a grey blazer, also by Zara. Since the trousers came with a little brown belt, I decided to go with my brown brogue style shoes from Mary Paz. The combination actually worked well, creating a more traditional look than the others.



I was initially only going to put together five outfits. However, I thought it might be helpful to show you what I would wear to a formal event or cocktail. Internships don’t only entail typical office related activities but also events like press conferences, forums, summits, etc. Whether your office is organizing an event such as these or you’ve simply been asked to accompany your boss to one, chances are you will have to go to something similar.

Of course I’m not saying that this is the only acceptable attire for one of these events. This is only one example of something that could be within your personal taste.

When I saw this dress while I was browsing the aisles at Mango, I was immediately attracted to it. Of course, it was the sleeves. This was weird because I generally prefer more laid back dresses with simple cuts and nothing too eye catching. I ended up trying it on, however, and although it took a couple of minutes for my eyes to adjust to the reflection in the mirror, I actually ended up liking it.

Since the dress itself is a lot, I paired it with simple black pumps and a very simple necklace with a black and white pendant, as well as a black clutch.

* Photography by Anelie May

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