My Office Space


Where do you get inspired? Where are you motivated most? Bear in mind that this is a significantly different question from “what inspires you”?

Although they are related very closely, I find that many things inspire me and that, sometimes, it can be surprising what compels me to write. It’s so abrupt at times, that I find myself hurriedly writing something in Notes on my phone so that it doesn’t slip away.

However, I do have certain places that are sure to be inspiring or, at least, places that allow my creativity to flow. For example, I know that whenever I go out into a place where I can smell pine trees, hear the chirping of birds and feel cool breeze on my face, it won’t be long before I hear tippity tappity on my keyboard. Actually, as I am writing this, I’m sitting on a little flannel blanket, with Miner tunes on in the background, and the sound of wind passing through pine needles all around me.

I know, it’s a little ironic that I came out here to write this particular post but it was just a really beautiful day and I couldn’t stand not being outside! Why is it ironic? Because the other place that allows me to be creative is the exact opposite of where I am right now. Where? My bedroom. More specifically, my little office area within the four walls of my bedroom.

I had always wanted an actual office-like area where I could sit and write, do homework, or just generally be productive. However, although I always had a desk and a chair, it always felt like just that: a lonely desk shoved to one side of my bedroom. Even though, for the longest time, I said I was going to fix it up and make it into something nice, I kept putting it off. Being the procrastinator that I am, this went on for far too long.

Weekly Planner

Excitingly, though, at the start of this year I finally decided to actually do it. Yes, it took a while to save up mah coins (although tbh most of my funds came from my birthday money) but I finally went out to get a couple bits and bobs to spruce up my corner.

Food Journal

Now, I am no décor expert. I simply try my best, usually using Pinterest, to try to mix and match whatever I can. Also, I’m a university student. I don’t have cash most of the time and I’m sure other university students are in the same boat. However, although it isn’t super fancy, I actually really love how it turned out. In my eyes, it’s nice to look at but it also definitely ups the positivity in my room (trust me, I need as much positivity as I can get).

I have found myself waking up early and motivated. That same motivation stays with me all through the day. I wake up, get dressed, have breakfast and practically skip back to my room to sit on my chair, look at my to do list, admire my quote, light my candle every once in a while and do what I need to do.

Frame and Candle

I find that having a nice, clean space to work has really helped me a lot. I feel like kicking myself for not having done it before, but don’t get me wrong, obviously I don’t need a cute office-y area to be productive. I’m on my last semester so, clearly, I don’t need it. However, being and feeling a bit more organised is definitely a morale booster.


My organisation falls back on three main components: a food journal, a calendar and a weekly planner. Along with the new year came my annual health kick – although I am finding it extra hard to do that this year – and so I filled out a food journal to know exactly what I’m going to eat everyday. On my calendar I write out the bigger events of the month. As for my weekly planner, I jot down smaller things that need to get done in a particular week so that I don’t forget. None of the templates I used are mine but I got them from other blogs that allow you to download them for free.


I hung these on my wall using clipboards and a black frame from which I took off the glass and backing that came with it. I got these from a little stationery store close to my university campus but you can probably get them at any stationery store near you.


Apart from these I also got a two tiered black mesh desk filer from a stationery store here in Guatemala called Tivoli for Q97 (Quetzales, the Guatemalan currency), which is about $12 (U.S.). It’s just an ordinary filer where I stack important documents or writing paper.

Pen Holder


I also have a little pen holder and a cute metallic photo frame that I got from the Dollar Store. Within this photo frame is a motivational quote that I found on Tumblr. The quote isn’t mine but I did design it on Photoshop so it would look somewhat artsy. The quote says “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” by Friedrich Nietzsche. Just because others may not understand what you want to do doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. If what you want to do is good and makes you happy, do it.

Frame & candle

Finally, I have a candle. I LOVE candles. I have one on my desk and a couple more around my bedroom. I find that I tend to light them when I’m in one of two mindsets: either I need to calm down a bit if I’m having a particularly stressful day, or I’m having such an amazing day that I light them because I’m happy and they make me happy. The one that’s on my desk at the moment is called Willow and Bamboo by Maison and I got it at a local hardware/random items store called Novex.


The last two things that make up my office area don’t sit on my desk (or above it) but are definitely a part of the area. Firstly is my bookshelf. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I love reading. Therefore, just to the right of my desk is a white bookshelf my dad built for me, where I have my books and some speakers.


Record player

This brings me to the last component of my work space, which is my record player. Yes, I have a little Crosley record player. It’s a blue Executive Turntable, which I got on Amazon a couple years ago. It’s not exactly office related but it is MY office related. I love music and usually like to listen to something while working. I’m currently building up my record collection but I like putting on a couple of them while working, just to have something on in the background.

There we go! That’s my work space. Like I mentioned before, it’s just a nice little area where I can sit and know that I’ll be productive and do what I need to do. It’s not flashy or professional but it’s what I have available and what works for me. I hope this gave you a couple ideas of what you can do with a small space if that’s what you’re looking for. Thanks for reading, bye!



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